NCNGA Weekly Guardsman for April 13, 2017

April 13, 2017

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NC National Guard engineers battle for title of best in the state  The Fayetteville Observer Share on LinkedinShare on TwitterShare on Facebook

Amid a day in which the soldiers rappelled down a tower, capsized an inflatable boat, assembled weapons and built obstacles using razor wire, some of the best combat engineers in the North Carolina National Guard laid atop a gravel road and rested. In a few minutes, the team of five soldiers would be asked to use handheld mine detectors to find potential explosives. But until then, they caught their breath as they neared the end of a long, hard day that marked the mid-point of the NCNG’s Sapper Stakes. Read More…

The secret National Guard and Reserve tax break you might not know Share on LinkedinShare on TwitterShare on Facebook

Military reservists are entitled to a tax benefit for unreimbursed business expenses for drill mileage, lodging, meals and other incidental expenses — but only if they or their tax preparer can figure out where to include it through their tax preparation software. This tax break is not a deduction nor a credit, but rather an adjustment to income for expenses incurred for travel more than 100 miles from home to fulfill duties as a member of the Reserve Component.  Read More…

National Guard Association of the United States Fellows Program  NGAUS  Share on LinkedinShare on TwitterShare on Facebook

The National Guard Association of the United States (NGAUS) Fellows Program is designed to bring Army and Air National Guard Lieutenants, Captains and Warrant Officers (in the grade of WO1 and/or CW2) to the Headquarters of the NGAUS for a period of one year. The intent of this program is to help develop practical experience in the fundamentals of interaction between the U.S. Congress and the agencies that affect the National Guard in both state and federal missions. Read More…

NCNGA Facebook page tops 6,000 likes NCNGA Share on LinkedinShare on TwitterShare on Facebook

Our NCNGA Facebook page has surpassed the 6,000 likes mark. We appreciate everyone’s support. If you haven’t liked our page yet, click this link to join us and invite a friend. Read More…

April —Today in Guard History  National Guard Share on LinkedinShare on TwitterShare on Facebook

In 1970, in space, “Houston, We’ve Had A Problem!” is a message that could have been NASA’s worst nightmare, three astronauts lost in space. The man who said it, former Air Guard Captain John “Jack” Swigert, was one of three crew members of the ill-fated Apollo 13 heading for a moon landing. Along with him was another former Air Guard pilot, Captain Frederick Haise, Jr. Both Guardsmen joined NASA as test pilots before becoming astronauts. Swigert had flown in both the Massachusetts and Connecticut ANG while Haise had served in the Oklahoma and Ohio ANG. Read More…

NCNGA Convention overstocks available NCNGA  Share on LinkedinShare on TwitterShare on Facebook

Take advantage of some overstock from the NCNGA Convention. Purchase an NCNG Unit Polo shirt at the discounted cost of $20. Contact us at for more details. Read More…

National Guardsman awarded for saving pilot’s life  The News Herald Share on LinkedinShare on TwitterShare on Facebook

A Morganton National Guard soldier was honored recently in Raleigh for his act of heroism. Sgt. Charles Roper was awarded the North Carolina National Guard’s Soldier and Airman Medal during a ceremony at the Guard headquarters for helping to save the life of a pilot after his plane crashed in Morganton. Read More…

Could post-9/11 veterans restore civility in politics?  Military Times Share on LinkedinShare on TwitterShare on Facebook

The next generation of veterans entering politics may be the best hope for restoring bipartisanship in Congress, according to one of the Senate’s most well-known former military members. “I see talent coming up,” Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., said during a recent interview on CNN. “I have great faith in our system of government over time. There have been strains before.” Read More…

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