NCNGA Weekly Guardsman for June 8, 2017

June 08, 2017

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High-tech airborne gear networks paratroopers  Scout  Share on LinkedinShare on TwitterShare on Facebook

Army paratroopers jumping out of C-17s to descend from the sky into an assault on enemy locations — will now land equipped with better intelligence information to achieve their combat objective, attack enemies and perform missions. The Army has deployed and emerging airborne satellite system which allows paratroopers to communicate with voice, video and data while flying toward their mission. Read More…

NCNGA Convention overstocks available NCNGA  Share on LinkedinShare on TwitterShare on Facebook

Take advantage of some overstock from the NCNGA Convention. Purchase an NCNG Unit Polo shirt at the discounted cost of $20. Contact us at for more details. Read More…

NGAUS seminar to address mental-health challenges  NGAUS  Share on LinkedinShare on TwitterShare on Facebook

Two lawmakers with extensive backgrounds in personnel and veterans issues will open a seminar this month at the National Guard Memorial. Sen. Jon Tester, D-Montana, and Rep. Mike Coffman, R-Colorado, will be addressing unique challenges faced by the reserve component regarding mental-health treatment. Read More…

Emergency simulation to begin in Canton  Smoky Mountain News Share on LinkedinShare on TwitterShare on Facebook

A multi-agency training exercise led by the North Carolina National Guard meant to test and improve disaster response will result in roadblocks and an elevated level of police, fire and military activity in Canton on the morning of June 10. “You don’t want to be exchanging business cards for the first time during disaster management,” said Lt. Col. Matt Devivo, public affairs officer for the North Carolina Guard. Read More…

June —Today in Guard History  National Guard Share on LinkedinShare on TwitterShare on Facebook

In 1845, at The Hermitage in Tennessee, seventh President Andrew Jackson dies. Born in South Carolina in 1767, Jackson gained his first military experience at the age of 15 when, as a member of a local militia company, he helped to repel a British raiding party in 1782. Later he served in the Tennessee militia, rising to the rank of major general. He was affectionately known by his troops as “Old Hickory” because of his hard but fair discipline. During the War of 1812 he commanded a combined force of Regulars and militiamen in suppressing the Creek Indians in Alabama. His determined leadership soon led to his appointment as a major general in the Regular Army in 1814, just in time to lead a combined Regular and militia force in the defense of New Orleans against a British attack in January 1815. In 1818-1819 he led a combined army of Regulars and militia in his invasion of western Florida chasing raiding Indians who sought sanctuary in the then Spanish colony. In fact, his action helped induce the Spanish government to sell Florida to the U.S. Jackson was elected president in 1828. In 1918, the 30th Division, composed of National Guard soldiers from the Carolina’s and Tennessee, proudly adopted a division shoulder patch that featured the Roman numerals “XXX” indicating the division’s designation surrounded by the letters “OH” for “Old Hickory” in honor of Jackson. Read More…

New Air Force head calls for end to defense budget caps  Defense News Share on LinkedinShare on TwitterShare on Facebook

During her first speech as the civilian head of the Air Force recently, Secretary Heather Wilson reiterated a plea to Congress to remove mandatory budget caps that she argued hampered the service’s plans to boost the structure, improve readiness and modernize its aging aircraft inventory. “More than anything else, we need predictability. The United States Air Force needs predictability.” she said during an Air Force Association breakfast event. “If you don’t provide relief from the Budget Control Act, we will hollow out the force and set ourselves back years. We have to get beyond the Budget Control Act.” Read More…

US Army’s FY18 wish list would grow force by 17,000 soldiers  Defense News Share on LinkedinShare on TwitterShare on Facebook

The U.S. Army’s $12.7 billion wish list for fiscal 2018 asks to grow the total force by another 17,000 troops, would further increase munitions stockpiles, and would further modernize both brigade combat teams and vertical lift capabilities. The wish list — known formally as an unfunded requirements list — is typically sent to Congress by each of the services to help guide Capitol Hill in considering what additional funding beyond the budget request Congress might provide as lawmakers begin to draft the policy and spending bills. Read More…

‘Allegiant Honors’ program supports US military and veterans with select free services  Allegiant Share on LinkedinShare on TwitterShare on Facebook

Allegiant recently announced Allegiant Honors — a special program to support and thank U.S. active duty military and veterans for their service with select free services. Under the Allegiant Honors program U.S. active duty military, veterans, members of the National Guard, military reserve and their dependents are eligible for free services when they fly Allegiant. Read More…

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