NCNGA Weekly Guardsman for November 7, 2019

November 7th, 2019


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Registration is now available for convention 2020 in Charlotte NCNGA
Member portal is up and running! NCNGA
Mentors Needed in the Raleigh Area NCNGA
2020 Disney Discounts NCNGA
Walgreens HERO Program NCNGA
Tarheel Retiree Homecoming 2019 NCNGA
Do you have an event at your unit or with your Family Support Group and need some help raising funds? NCNGA 
November 7th — Today in Guard History National Guard 

Registration is now available for convention 2020 in Charlotte NCNGA 

Convention and Combined Ball registration is now open here. The North Carolina National Guard Association (NCNGA) and Convention Committee are proud to announce this year’s 59th Annual Convention will be hosted at the Sheraton Le Meridian Complex in Charlotte, NC March 27-28th. The North Carolina National Guard Combined ball is being hosted following the Convention on the evening of the 28th. The NCNGA Educational Foundation will hold a golf tournament and Reverse Drawing on March 26th. All Association business sessions that require voting will occur on Saturday prior to lunch.

Member Portal is up and Running! NCNGA 

The November/December of the Tarheel Guardsman is now available through your member portal

Member portal is up and running. You can create your online account at . Once registered you can view your SSLI Benefit Information, EANGUS and NGAUS registration information, as well as other benefits that are available.

Beginning 1 January 2020 the Weekly Guardsman update will only be distributed to members of the Association. It will be sent to all classes of members to include Active Associate, Honorary, Special, Corporate, and Affiliate members, that have a current email on file with the Association. If you don’t receive weekly update the 1st week of January please contact us to update your records.

Mentors Needed in the Raleigh Area NCNGA

The 4-H National Mentoring Program: College Within Reach is proud to announce that NC State University has been selected to participate in the College Within Reach Program, which strives to help prepare military connected youth for college and career success.

As this program is getting underway, they are looking for qualified mentors to mentor youth in the local area. As educators, and teachers of aspiring educators, they would like to pass this information along to you in the hopes that you, a colleague, or a student that you know may be interested in participating in this rewarding program. Below, we have provided a program overview, how you can apply for the program, and links to the website and applications.

Program Overview:

This unique program focuses on building relationships and college and workforce preparedness for military-connected youth between the ages of 12-17. Participants are matched with individual mentors who guide the exploration of a myriad of college preparation and readiness activities. Mentors would meet with mentees for a minimum of 4 hours a month with goals of establishing meaningful relationships that aid the positive advancement of college and workforce readiness while also establishing networks of peers and professionals throughout the state of North Carolina.

The program operates on a 12-month calendar and open to youth aged 12-17 years old who have a military connection (mother, father, brother, sister etc). This is inclusive of all services (Army, Marines, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard) and inclusive of all component status (active duty, guard, reserve, retired, or veteran). Lastly, but certainly important, the program is free to all participants!

Application Information:

We are currently accepting applications for mentors interested in joining the program. If you, or someone you know, may be interested in being a part of this program you can find more information at the College Within Reach website or by emailing us at We’ve attached a flyer that provides a bit more info as well as links and points of contact. Below you will find links for the Mentor, Site Liaison, and Mentee application.

Apply Here:

Mentor/Site Liaison Application
Mentee/Parent Registration

Further Contact:

Please feel free to reach out if you have any additional questions or would like additional information. We are more than happy to further discuss this program with you. You can reach us through email at or by phone at 919.513.2703

2020 Disney Discounts NCNGA

Disney has extended deep military discounts on theme-park tickets at Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida, through 2020, with 2019 deals still in place until mid-December. The Military Promotional Tickets program offers multiday passes at discounted prices for service members (active, Guard and Reserve), retirees and their family members and spouses. For details, click here.
In addition, there is an Armed Forces Recreation Center hotel, Shades of Green, on the Disney property. Rates and other information is available here.

Walgreens HERO Program NCNGA 

This is an exciting opportunity for our veterans to bring their expertise and leadership skills into a transitional career such as retail management. Click on the flyer to learn more.



Tarheel Retiree Homecoming 2019 NCNGA 

FOR: Army and Air National Guard Retirees

DATE: Friday, December 13, 2019


LOCATION: Joint Force Headquarters, 1636 Gold Star Drive, Raleigh, NC 27607

$15 Registration includes Mission updates, benefits seminar, various information stations, luncheon, social time, and a celebration of the National Guard’s 383rd Birthday. For registration information click here.


At the NGAUS Conference in Denver, there was a majority vote that our dues structure would be reduced from 15 different price points to three. This rate change will be going into effect on October 1, 2019 for the 2020 membership year.

  • Company Grade – $40
  • Field Grade – $80
  • Flag Grade – $130

You can renew or join for the year 2020 here.

Do you have an event at your unit or with your Family Support Group and need some help raising funds? NCNGA 

Do you have an event at your unit or with your Family Support Group and need some help raising funds? Let your Associations’ Tarheel Minuteman Foundation, a 501 (C)(3), assist with you efforts. Contact the Association at for more information.

November 7th — Today in Guard History National Guard 

“Prophet Town” near the Tippecanoe River, Indiana – While England and America would not actually go to war until 1812, there was trouble between the Indians (stirred up by the British) and frontier families before hostilities became formalized. The Governor of the Indiana Territory, William Henry Harrison, who acted also as a general of militia, commanded an army numbering about 1,000 militiamen as they approach the stronghold of the Shawnee war chief Tecumseh and his brother, a mystic known as the “Prophet.” The Prophet foretold of the defeat of the Americans which would force the whites back east away from tribal lands. Tecumseh and his brother used this vision to build a confederacy of mid-western tribes. It was part of this group, gathered at “Prophet Town” that Harrison set out to destroy. However, on this date the American camp was attacked by the Prophet before Harrison reached his goal. After an inconclusive battle in which both sides claimed victory, the Indians withdrew leaving the Americans to burn the town. Tecumseh was away and took no part in the engagement but high losses among the Indians did weaken the confederacy. Harrison had 190 men killed or wounded, nearly 20% of his force. In his report he claimed a great victory which he later used as part of his 1840 presidential campaign slogan “Tippecanoe and Tyler Too!” (“Tyler” was John Tyler, who was a captain of a rifle company in the Virginia militia during the War of 1812). Tecumseh and Harrison would later face each other in battle, first at Fort Meigs, OH, in May 1813 and then at the Battle of the Thames River in Canada in October 1813. At this engagement, Tecumseh was killed and the confederacy died with him.

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