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March 25th, 2021


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Request Your Ballot! Voting Closes Today! NCNGA
Vaccines Now Available for retired service members over 60+ NCNGA
NCNG Officers – Time to Renew Your NGAUS Membership NCNGA 
Veteran and Service Member Resource Fair – Drive-Thru Event NCNGA 
The March- April 2021 Convention Edition of the Tarheel Guardsman is Now Available! NCNGA 
2021 NGAUS Awards Program – Call for Nominations! NGAUS
Apply for the $5,000 Scholarship NGAUS
ACFT 3.0 + Defense Spending Showdown NGAUS
Brown Reinvents the Chief’s Reading List AF Mag
This Week in NCNG History NCNG Museum 
March 25th — Today in Guard History National Guard 

Request Your Ballot! Voting Closes Today NCNGA

Voting closes today for the slate of Executive Council Candidates as well as the budget for next year. Email with the subject line of ballot, include your full name in email and you will be sent your electronic ballot.

NCNG Officers – Time to Renew Your NGAUS Membership NCNGA 

If you are an officer in the North Carolina National Guard it is time to renew your NGAUS membership. This is your opportunity to “pay it forward” by ensuring a strong voice in Washington that advocates for the men and women of the National Guard. Generations before you supported these initiatives. Now it is your turn to step up as a leader and actively engage in your own development and that of your subordinates through renewing your membership. You can renew with ease and security at . You can also become a life member at the reduced rate of $800 through our office. If you would like to take advantage of the life membership with payment options complete the life membership form and return to

Veteran and Service Member Resource Fair – Drive-Thru Event NCNGA 

Greater Triangle VMFA ( Veteran-Military-Family-Alliance) will be hosting a veteran & service member resource fair on April 10 at Cree/Wolfspeed 4600 Silicon Drive, Durham, NC 27703

If you are a Veteran or Service Member register here

This will take place on Saturday, April 10, 2021 from 11 AM to 2 PM.

Currently, 15 resource organizations will be present to answer questions, make referrals, and you don’t even have to leave your vehicle.

There will also be food items available from a couple of distributors.

Please fill out the registration form from the link previously mentioned.

The March- April 2021 Convention Edition of the Tarheel Guardsman is Now Available! NCNGA 

The March- April 2021 Convention Edition of the Tarheel Guardsman is now available online at

2021 NGAUS Awards Program – Call for Nominations! NGAUS

The NGAUS Awards Program recognizes outstanding National Guard men and women, as well as individuals and organizations outside of the Guard, who have made significant efforts to help advance NGAUS and its mission.

You play an important role in helping us identify and honor deserving people through our nomination process.

The NGAUS Awards Program information packet, which includes purpose and procedures, award criteria and nomination form, can be found by clicking here.

NGAUS Individual Awards

Harry S. Truman Award
Montgomery Medal
Charles Dick Medal of Merit
Patrick Henry Award
Distinguished Service Medal
Meritorious Service Award
Valley Forge Cross for Heroism
Garde Nationale Trophy
Theodore Roosevelt Leadership Award for Company Grade Officers
Eagle Rising Award for Warrant Officers

Learn More

The deadline for the receipt of nominations for NGAUS Individual Awards is May 15, 2021. Nominations should be addressed to:

NGAUS Awards Program
ATTN: Richard Arnold
One Massachusetts Avenue, NW
Washington, D.C. 20001

The NGAUS point of contact for individual awards is Rich Arnold at 202-454-5301 or

Apply for the $5,000 Scholarship NCNGA

AFBA/NGAUS Scholarship

Now accepting applications

NGAUS Active Life Members and their dependents are eligible to apply for the AFBA (Armed Forces Benefit Association)/NGAUS scholarship, awarding two applicants, each with a $5,000 scholarship.

Now accepting applications through June 1, 2021.

Apply Now

Not a NGAUS Active Life Member? Become one today.

Please feel free to contact with any questions you may have about the NGAUS and AFBA Scholarship or NGAUS Life Membership.

ACFT 3.0 + Defense Spending Showdown NGAUS

Army Leaders Introduce ACFT 3.0

The Army has once again revamped its Army Combat Fitness Test.

Sgt. Maj. of the Army Michael Grinston announced the changes this week. The biggest was removing the requirement that soldiers perform at least one leg tuck as part of the new physical fitness test.

ACFT 3.0, as Grinston referred to the most recent changes, is set to go take effect April 1. The test, which replaced the Army Physical Fitness Test in October 2020, has been under review amid allegations that it was biased against certain groups of service members, including women.

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Brown Reinvents the Chief’s Reading List AF Mag

Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. Charles Q. Brown Jr. is reinventing the Chief’s reading list, posting an updated library of suggested books, podcasts, and other forms of information instead of a static list.

Brown, in announcing the CSAF Leadership Library, said he wants it to change as “novel ideas are published, recorded, and debated.”

“I am an avid reader and consumer of information, constantly looking for ways to broaden my perspectives and develop myself as a leader,” he wrote in a March 22 memo. “As a learning leader, I’m in constant search for a range of ideas and perspectives that force me to think more broadly and provide me an opportunity to engage in deeper conversations with regards to leadership and world events.”

Brown’s first picks are the books “Lincoln on Leadership” by Donald T. Phillips and “The Infinite Game” by Simon Sinek, the “How Britain Invented, Then Ignored, Blitzkrieg” episode of the “Cautionary Tales” podcast, and the Netflix documentary “The Playbook: A Coach’s Rules for Life.”

“Think deeply about the ideas presented in this Leadership Library, challenge preconceived notions, and find ways to build a better Air Force for today’s Airmen and for those who will follow us,” Brown wrote.

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This Week in NCNG History NCNG Museum 

  • 22 March – 2008 – SPC David Stelmat, SGT David Williams, and SGT Thomas Ray II, are killed in action by an IED in Baghdad.
  • 23 March – 1863 – “Female Raid”, aka “Bread Riots”, occurs in Salisbury. 40-50 hatchet-wielding wives of NC Soldiers demand to be given provisions at the same rate the Confederate government was able to buy them. The women were given nearly everything they requested, free of charge; reminding everyone that the only thing more terrifying than a soldier, is a soldier’s spouse.
  • 24 March – 1920 – Camp Glenn, the site of the North Carolina National Guard’s annual encampment each year from 1911-1918, is converted to the first Coast Guard Air Station in the country. The NCNG continued to occupy the base from 1921-1941.
    1945 – 30th Infantry Division crosses the Rhine River.
  • 25 March – 1919 – Company B, 115th Machine Gun Battalion, 30th Division is photographed at Newport News, VA upon return from WW1. Today this unit’s lineage is carried by the 211th MP Company out of Youngsville.
  • 26 March – 2010 – Officials from North Carolina held a disaster consequence management workshop with members of the Botswana Defence Force (BDF) and several civil agencies at Sir Seretse Khama Barracks in Gaborone, Botswana.
  • 27 March – 1780 – Skirmish at Rantlowe’s Bridge in South Carolina. Patriot forces capture British Lieut. Col. John Hamilton, as well as six North Carolina loyalist militiamen.
  • 28 March – 1865 – Union troops under General George Stoneman burn the jail and destroy county records in Boone. From this day until 26 April, General Stoneman’s forces would raid and skirmish with militia and Home Guard soldiers throughout Western NC.
  • 29 March – 1973 – Last US troops pull-out of Vietnam. This day would mark the official end of US military intervention in Vietnam, and consequently an end to the NCNG providing direct support to operations in Southeast Asia.
  • 30 March – 1961 – A B-52 G Jet Bomber crashes near Lexington. Six Guardsmen were ordered to State Special duty in order to assist by feeding and housing the Air Force crew.
  • 31 March – 1863 – A soldier of the 23rd North Carolina deserts across the Rappahannock River to join the Yankee army. This type of event was particularly common among the men of North Carolina, as many felt no vested interest in defending the Confederate cause.
  • 01 April – 1964 – Following the drowning death of a man in Kerr Lake near Henderson, several helicopter pilots are put on State Special Duty to search for the man’s body at regular intervals over the next several weeks.
    1967 – The North Carolina Air National Guard makes its first flight to Vietnam. Airmen of the 145th Air Wing made the journey in a C-124.
  • 02 April – 1775 – Calvin Jones, third Adjutant General of the North Carolina Militia (1808-1812) is born.
  • 03 April – 1902 – Company I, 2nd Regiment ordered to Chowan County courthouse to protect an African-American prisoner accused of rape from a lynch mob. Prisoner was tried, convicted, and sent via train to state penitentiary. At this time the NCSG Soldiers were discharged of their duty. While en route, the prisoner was shot in the back of the head by an unidentified passenger.
  • 04 April – 1963, 1966, and 1967 – On this day in each of these years, a combined total of six separate forest fires occurred across the state, resulting in the deployment of over 400 Guardsmen to combat the spread of the wildfires.
    1968 – The death of Martin Luther King Jr. in Memphis, TN sparked riots around the nation. 4,952 NC National Guardsmen were committed to State Active Duty for the purpose of riot control over the following seven days. An additional 3,982 were put on stand-by.

If you know of anything significant to the NCNG that occurred on any of these dates, and would like it added to our records, please email 1LT Dearie at

March 18th — Today in Guard History National Guard 

Polo, Luzon, Philippines – As an American force moves north from Manila in an attempt to cut off an insurgent army numbering some 3,000 men, they are engaged by the Filipinos in a sharp delaying action. American casualties are one officer from the First Colorado Volunteer Infantry and 25 enlisted men killed in action (of these, 13 are from state units) and 128 state soldiers are wounded. Enemy losses are put at more than 500. This battle is part of the on-going conflict known as the “Philippine Insurrection.” Allies just a few months earlier in the war against Spain, which owned the Philippines as a colony until its defeat in 1898, Filipino and American military leaders had an unsettled relationship. When it was announced in January 1899 that the U.S. was going to annex the islands, the Filipinos rose in revolt to gain their freedom. Nearly three quarters of the American army available for service in-country was composed of volunteer (Guard) units from 17 states.

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