NCNGA Weekly Guardsman for July 29, 2021

July 29th, 2021


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Legislative Call to Action – House Bill 83 NCNGA 
Registration is now open for 2021 Tarheel Retiree Homecoming NCNGA 
Registration is now open for 2022 Annual Convention – Register early. NCNGA 
Spectrum News Seeking Interviewees for 9/11 Anniversary Coverage NCNGA 
Are You Or Someone You Know Looking For A Meaningful Paid Internship? NCNGA 
July-August Tarheel Guardsman is now available NCNGA 
Biden picks outgoing NC public safety chief for No. 2 position at FEMA WRAL 
OCS 63 and AOC Graduation 21 August 2021 NCNGA 
This Week in NCNG History NCNG Museum 
July 29th — Today in Guard History National Guard 

Legislative Call to Action – House Bill 83 NCNGA 

Legislative Call to Action;

House Bill 83 – Military Pension Tax Exemption. Now is the time to reach out to your NC Senator. You can find your senator and their email at . This bill easily passed in the House 100-5 and there is support to pass in the full Senate but it needs to get through committee. While Senate didn’t have much activity this week that is expected to change next week. Now is the time for you to contact your local State Senator. Attached is a draft letter/email that can be sent to them, also include their legislative assistant. I know that several you have already contacted your Senator. However, I would ask that you contact them again just to remind them.

Legislative Affairs Chairs: The message below has been prepared to assist you in contacting your NC State Senators to ask for support of HB 83 – Eliminate Income Tax for Military Retirees. This is provided in Word format so that you can fill in your Senator’s name and your contact information. It can then be copied and pasted into an email.
You could also add additional personal information, if desired. But the goal is to retain the basic message for consistency and to keep this message short to encourage our Senators and their staffs to read it. You could also provide this message to members of your Chapter who wish to participate.
Thank you for your help in getting this message out to every NC Senator!

Dear Senator _______________,

I am a member of ENTER YOUR VSO INFORMATION HERE. I am also a constituent of your district.
I am writing today to ask for your support for HB 83 – Eliminate Income Tax for Military Retirees. As you know, this Bill, if passed, would permit more recent Military Retirees to deduct their Military Retired Pay from NC Income Tax. Passage of this legislation would encourage retiring Service Members to stay in, or relocate to, North Carolina, where their contributions to the state economy would be far greater than the revenue lost from this deduction. ENTER VSO HERE and other Veterans organizations have been supporting legislation of this type for many years and are encouraged by the broad support for HB 83 in the House and its progress through the system.

HB 83 passed in the House by a vote of 100 – 5, which shows that it has strong support in the General Assembly. This Bill is now being reviewed in the Committee on Rules, Calendar, and Operations of the Senate. I would like to ask you to work with your colleagues in the Senate to bring HB 83 out of Committee and to a vote by the full Senate. Passage of this bill would be an excellent step toward making NC a more military friendly state. Thank you for your consideration of this request and for your continuing support of NC military personnel, veterans and their families.

Contact Information

Registration is now open for 2021 Tarheel Retiree Homecoming NCNGA 

FOR: Army and Air National Guard Retirees
DATE: Friday, December 10, 2021
LOCATION: Joint Force Headquarters, 1636 Gold Star Drive, Raleigh, NC 27607
INCLUDES: Mission updates, benefits seminar, various information stations, luncheon, and a social time.
REGISTRATION: If paying by card, complete this form online or call the NCNGA office at 919-851-3390.
Otherwise, send the form in the attached pdf and a check for $10.00 per person payable to “NCNGA” on or before 1
December 2021 to:
ATTN: Tarheel Homecoming
7410 Chapel Hill Rd
Raleigh, NC 27607
NOTE: Seating is limited to 350; please make your reservation as soon as possible.
QUESTIONS: Contact NCNGA at 919-851-3390 or

Registration is now open for 2022 Annual Convention – Register early. NCNGA 

Registration for the 2022 Annual Convention is now open!




Spectrum News Seeking Interviewees for 9/11 Anniversary Coverage NCNGA 

Ladies and Gentlemen, Spectrum News is planning out their coverage of the 20th anniversary of the September 11th attacks. If you fit any of the categories below and would like to be interviewed in your home, please send an email to They would like to do the interviews between now and the end of August. Items of interest would include any photos you might have and any particular work/deployments you did directly related to the 9/11 response.

  • Were stationed at the Pentagon​ or were in NYC at the time of the attacks,
  • Were on active duty at Fort Bragg, Camp Lejeune or Seymour Johnson AFB at the time of the attacks,
  • Were activated for domestic security missions immediately following the attacks (NYC, DC, airport security, etc.), and/or
  • Joined or rejoined the armed forces as a direct result of the attacks?

Thank you,

Larry Coleman
Executive Director
North Carolina National Guard Association

Are You Or Someone You Know Looking For A Meaningful Paid Internship? NCNGA 

Are you or someone you know a college student and looking for a meaningful paid internship? If so we are in the search for the upcoming school year. See the advertisement for details and application instructions.



July-August Tarheel Guardsman is now available NCNGA 

The Tarheel Gaurdsman for July and August is now available.





Biden picks outgoing NC public safety chief for No. 2 position at FEMA WRAL 

RALEIGH, N.C. — Days before he’s set to leave office, state Public Safety Secretary Erik Hooks was nominated Wednesday to become deputy administrator of the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

Hooks said three weeks ago that he would retire on Aug. 1 after 4½ years in charge of the state Department of Public Safety. DPS is the state’s largest department, comprised of about 27,000 sworn law enforcement and civilian employees, along with nearly 12,000 North Carolina National Guard soldiers and airmen.

A statement from the White House announcing President Joe Biden’s nomination states Hooks “is responsible for leadership coordination of homeland security and emergency management functions to provide comprehensive and coordinated preparedness, mitigation, prevention, protection, response and recovery for emergencies, disasters and acts or threats of terrorism.”

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OCS 63 and AOC Graduation 21 August 2021 NCNGA 

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Please join the North Carolina Military Academy as they celebrate the graduation and commissioning of Officer Candidate Class 63 and Accelerated Officer Class 32 on August 21, 2021 at 10:00 A.M.

Click here to join

This Week in NCNG History NCNG Museum 

If you know of anything significant to the NCNG that occurred on any of these dates, and would like it added to our records, please email 1LT Dearie at

July 29th — Today in Guard History National Guard 

Korat Royal Thai Air Base, Thailand – Volunteers of Pennsylvania’s 193rd Tactical Electronic Warfare Group settle into their quarters having just arrived to begin their secret mission of propaganda broadcasts over enemy held territory. The 193rd was a fairly new organization, having been reorganized from Pennsylvania’s 168th Air Transport Group in 1967. During the 1965 operation of the U.S. military in quelling the unrest in the Dominican Republic, the Defense Department decided it need some way to communicate by AM radio with the populace our intentions and instructions to help reduce needless deaths. With the Vietnam War costing billions of dollars already, the Air Force said it could not organize such a specialized unit on a full-time basis. Major General Winston Wilson, the Chief of the National Guard Bureau, offered to have an Air Guard unit reorganized to perform this mission. As the 168th was reorganized into the 193rd its mission was redefined more to broadcast the American position on events to enemy soldiers than to communicate with local civilians. Soon after the U.S. incursion into Cambodia from Vietnam in May 1970, it was decided to deploy the 193rd to Thailand to fly over Cambodia broadcasting to Communists forces attempting to overthrow the pro-American government. By 1970 it was apparent that the U.S was withdrawing its forces from Vietnam. The last thing the Pentagon wanted was newspaper stories about a Guard unit again being mobilized for duty in Southeast Asia. The last of the Guardsmen mobilized in 1968 had only been released from active duty in November 1969. And with memories of the Guard’s involvement in the Kent State shootings that had just occurred in May 1970, the public’s impression of the Guard was not favorable. So it was decided to deploy the unit staffed entirely with volunteers on ‘short tours’ of 60-90 days before they returned home, replaced by new volunteers for another 60-90 days. According to Technical Sergeant James Bankes, who was in the first group to go, this rotation schedule applied to all, pilots as well as ground support personnel. With little notice by the press the unit took only two of their specially-modified EC-121 Super Constellation aircraft. Each day one plane would fly, usually for about 7 hours, while the other was serviced and prepared for the next day’s mission. Bankes said that the planes broadcast AM radio programs in a foreign language prepared by somebody who delivered them to the unit each morning in time for that day’s flight. The crew had no idea what they said. One pilot joked it was probably “Shoot down the first three-tailed aircraft you see!” After 144 days of continuous missions (without missing one day due to malfunction or weather) the unit and its planes returned home with no fanfare. The 193rd suffered no losses. This first test for the unit proved successful and it has been among the first unit deployed in every military action undertaken by the U.S. since Vietnam. In fact, the 193rd (now redesignated as Special Operations Wing) is the only such unit in the entire Air Force and was flying over Afghanistan broadcasting on the first day of the air war against the Taliban in 2001 and over Iraq in the opening hours of Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2003.

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