NCNGA Weekly Guardsman for April 27, 2017

April 27, 2017

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Big training brings big benefits for fighting forest fires  U.S. Department of Defense Share on LinkedinShare on TwitterShare on Facebook

Pride, spirit of cooperation, camaraderie, loyalty and courage; all of these virtues are found in the men and women who support the Modular Airborne Firefighting System mission, a U.S. Forest Service aerial firefighting program comprised of Air National Guard, Air Force Reserve and wildland firefighting agencies from across the country. These qualities develop and flourish at the annual training and certification for the Modular Airborne Firefighting System, which took place this year in Boise, Idaho. Read More…

Technicians Disability Insurance  NCNGA Share on LinkedinShare on TwitterShare on Facebook

This disability insurance is a substitute for lost income if you are disabled, as defined in the policy… so you and your family can carry on with financial responsibilities. Click here for details. Read More…

Support the NCNGA while you’re shopping  NCNGA  Share on LinkedinShare on TwitterShare on Facebook

Help to support the Association through your weekly purchases, travel planning and business expenses. We have a new portal with more than 150 top companies that will make a donation back to the Association. The NCNGA’s partnership includes online purchases made through companies like Target, Amazon, Expedia, etc. Participation costs you nothing more and you go directly to the websites with all their general sales and promotions. The only thing you need to do is use this portal to select your partner and the Association will receive a donation back from these businesses. It’s an easy and great way to support our mission every day. Read More…

Army looking for experienced soldiers who want to help train foreign forces  Army Times Share on LinkedinShare on TwitterShare on Facebook

Though the Army withdrew combat troops from Iraq and Afghanistan years ago, deployments to those countries have continued, with brigades heading over to support local forces. But a brigade combat team is about 3,600 people, and the Army has been sending 1,500 at a time to do these missions, sidetracking the BCTs from their combat fundamentals. The fix? The security force assistance brigade, a 529-man team of officers and senior noncommissioned officers, tasked specifically to train allied forces to help them maintain their own peace. Read More…

NGAUS, TAGS: Budget inaction risks readiness  NGAUS  Share on LinkedinShare on TwitterShare on Facebook

NGAUS and the Adjutants General Association of the United States (AGAUS) sent letters recently to congressional leaders urging lawmakers to come together and pass a budget this week for fiscal 2017. Both associations said anything short a final fiscal 2017 National Defense Appropriations Act jeopardizes training planned for as early as next month. Read More…

Leader or manager? 3 ways to tell  By Catherine Iste Share on LinkedinShare on TwitterShare on Facebook

Are you a leader who spends a lot of time managing people, projects and goals? Or are you the one who drives and motivates others yet are not officially recognized as a leader? Everyone — from long-tenured employees with institutional knowledge to entrepreneurs, small business owners and those new or returning to the workforce — often performs a variety of roles to address the needs of the organization. But who is a leader and who is a manager? Here are three ways to tell. Read More…

National Guard Association of the United States Fellows Program  NGAUS Share on LinkedinShare on TwitterShare on Facebook

The National Guard Association of the United States (NGAUS) Fellows Program is designed to bring Army and Air National Guard Lieutenants, Captains and Warrant Officers (in the grade of WO1 and/or CW2) to the Headquarters of the NGAUS for a period of one year. The intent of this program is to help develop practical experience in the fundamentals of interaction between the U.S. Congress and the agencies that affect the National Guard in both state and federal missions. Read More…

Cheers, jeers greet GI Bill ‘buy-in’ idea  NGAUS  Share on LinkedinShare on TwitterShare on Facebook

Asking new military members to pay up to $2,400 for their Post-9/11 GI Bill benefit is either an ill-conceived tax or a fair method of preserving and expanding the benefit. Veterans groups are on both sides of the idea put forward in draft legislation from Rep. Phil Roe, R-Tennessee, the chairman of the House Veterans Affairs Committee. Read More…

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