NCNGA Weekly Guardsman for April 23, 2020

April 23, 2020


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Tax Free Military Pension Call to Action! Contact Your North Carolina Representative and Senator. NCNGA 
Write to Congress to Support Federal Legislation That Will Benefit The Guard. NCNGA 
USAF Testing Rapidly Developed System to Fly Infectious Patients AF Magazine 
College Within Reach 2020: Applications Are Open NCNGA 
AFBA/NGAUS Scholarship Now accepting applications NCNGA 
EANGUS Award Nominations Deadline: 15 May 2020 NCNGA
Guard Members, Spouses: Sound Off on How You’re Coping with COVID-19 AF Magazine 
NGAUS Capitol Summit Nominations Due April 24th for 19-21 July event NCNGA
April 23rd — Today in Guard History National Guard 

Tax Free Military Pension Call to Action! Contact Your North Carolina Representative and Senator. NCNGA 

As the NC State legislature returns to session at the end of this month, the focus will rightfully be enacting legislation in response to COVID-19. However, there is pending legislation in both the NC Senate and House that could be moved forward during this session. Senate Bill 188 and House Bill 650 provide state tax exemption for all federal military pensions and military retiree survivor benefits.
To find you NC Representative and Senator visit and enter your address. When you click on the name of your NC Representative or Senator, you will see their email, mailing address, and phone number. You can use the attached example for an email, written letter, or phone script when you contact your legislator.
While this legislation being approved during this session is not guaranteed, what is guaranteed is that it will not get approved if the legislators do not hear directly from their constituents. This is not only the sentiment of the Association, but also the direct statement of a number of elected officials who support this legislation.
Your Association is working closely with other organizations in this effort. However, it is your individual voice that will make the difference in this effort.

Click the links below to download the letters for your House Representative and your Senator:
Tax Exemption Form email House
Tax Exemption Form email Senate

Write to Congress to Support Federal Legislation That Will Benefit The Guard. NCNGA 

Write to Congress to support federal legislation that will benefit the Guard. Be on the lookout for something similar at the state level in weeks to come.

In an effort to get the word out and to enable Guard members to become more involved NGAUS developed a write to congress feature. Here individuals can click and send a full letter with a message about one or more advocacy efforts to their representative. Current advocacy efforts include: equalize hazard-duty incentive pay for Guardsmen and Reservists, restore reprogrammed National Guard funds, and TRICARE Reserve Select Expansion.

Click here to write to Congress…

USAF Testing Rapidly Developed System to Fly Infectious Patients AF Magazine 

A joint Air Force team on April 21 delivered a rapidly developed containment system prototype that will enable as many as 28 COVID-positive patients to be transported aboard a C-17.

The team, led by the Air Force Life Cycle Management Center and the Air Force’s Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear Defense Systems Branch, responded to a U.S. Transportation Command Joint Urgent Operational Need request for a transport to carry dozens of patients within weeks. The Negatively Pressurized Conex system cost about $2 million to develop and was delivered to Joint Base Charleston, S.C., for testing and possible fielding by the end of next month.

“The goal of the NPC is to help us keep infectious organisms contained in order to prevent the aircrew and medical professionals onboard the aircraft from being exposed,” Capt. Alexis Todaro, the NPC’s program manager, said in a release. “The container is negatively pressurized; fans are continuously pulling the air from within the unit through high-efficiency particulate filters to prevent any exposure to the aircraft.”

Read more…

College Within Reach 2020: Applications Are Open NCNGA

The College Within Reach 4-H National Mentoring Program focuses on building relationships and college and workforce preparedness for military-connected youth between the ages of 12-17. Participants will be matched with mentors who share common experiences and interests while exploring topics such as college and career readiness, college application processes, academic and career goal setting, and creating sustainable plans leading to long-term success!

To find more detailed information regarding the College Within Reach program, participants can visit our program website.

Follow the links below to fill out an application for various roles in the College Within Reach Program.

Mentor and Site Liaison Application | Mentor and Parent Application

If your constituents would like more information you can refer them to the Program Manager, Cam Rutledge, at or 919.513.2703.T

AFBA/NGAUS Scholarship Now accepting applications NCNGA

NGAUS Active Life Members and their dependents are eligible to apply for the AFBA (Armed Forces Benefit Association)/NGAUS scholarship, awarding two applicants, each with a $5,000 scholarship.

Now accepting applications through June 1, 2020.

Scholarship Application

Not a NGAUS Life Member? Become one today.

Please feel free to contact with any questions you may have about the NGAUS and AFBA Scholarship or NGAUS Life Membership.

EANGUS Award Nominations Deadline: 15 MAY 2020 NCNGA

Just a reminder: Please review the EANGUS Awards SOP dated 11 November 2017, and consider nominating an EANGUS member from your State or Area to be recognized for their contributions or achievements at the 2020 EANGUS National Conference in Little Rock, Arkansas.

The SOP includes the criteria, eligibility, and details for each award. If you would like to nominate an individual please contact the North Carolina National Guard Association by the 1st of May or sooner for full instructions. You can reach them at or 984-664-0308

Guard Members, Spouses: Sound Off on How You’re Coping with COVID-19 AF Magazine 

The COVID-19 Military Support Initiative—a joint program of the military nonprofits Blue Star Families and Association of Defense Communities—recently launched a poll to determine the biggest challenges the new coronavirus pandemic is posing to U.S. troops, veterans, their families, and their communities.

But the head of Blue Star Families said CMSI needs National Guard members and their families to sound off on their experiences, since they’re underrepresented in the survey so far.

“We’re collecting information on what in real time America’s military families, the servicemembers, and their families, [are] experiencing right now,” said Kathy Roth-Douquet, CEO, co-founder, and board president at Blue Star Families, during an April 16 CMSI virtual town hall about supporting the Guard during the pandemic. “Unfortunately, we have really good participation with the Active duty, [but] not enough information from the National Guard to report out.”

CMSI’s COVID Military Families Pain Points Poll looks to capture a dynamic picture of how its target demographics are coping with the outbreak. However, any individual aged 18 or over may take the survey, whether or not they’re military-affiliated.

Read More…

NGAUS Capitol Summit Nominations Due April 24th for 19-21 July event NCNGA

NGAUS Capitol Summit: This event that occurs three times during CY2020 and is a NGAUS professional development program for company-grade officers. The program brings Air and Army Guardsmen from each state and territory to the nation’s capital for a close look at how the government works and the role NGAUS plays in the legislative process. This should be performed in a non-duty status and funding for transportation, lodging, and meals is provided by NGAUS. North Carolina authorized one attendee per event. If you are a company grade officer and interested in attending please contact the North Carolina National Guard Association at or 984-664-0308.


At the NGAUS Conference in Denver, there was a majority vote that our dues structure would be reduced from 15 different price points to three. This rate change will be going into effect on October 1, 2019 for the 2020 membership year.

  • Company Grade – $40
  • Field Grade – $80
  • Flag Grade – $130

You can renew or join for the year 2020 here.

April 23rd — Today in Guard History National Guard 

San Francisco, CA – The “great” earthquake strikes this morning. Within hours large portions of the city not already destroyed by the quake itself are consumed in massive, uncontrollable fires. Almost immediately the 2nd Brigade, National Guard of California, under the command of Brigadier General John A. Koster, is called up for state active duty to assist in security. The brigade consisted of one battalion of coast artillery, two troops of cavalry, three infantry regiments and one signal company. However, since many of the members of these units live in the areas affected by the quake they failed to show up, so other California Guardsmen from areas spared damage were brought in. So many men served at least some term of service, and the funds used to pay and feed them totaled nearly $400,000, that the state adjutant general reported to the Chief, National Guard Bureau that summer camp for some units of the CA NG was cancelled for 1906. Looting got so bad that the mayor issued a controversial degree allowing military and police authorities to shoot to kill any looters resisting arrest. Several looters, person’s actually attacking soldiers (usually found to be drunk) or in other ways causing “trouble” were shot by Guardsmen. The Guard remained on duty until finally released on June 2nd.

Read More…



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