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April 15th, 2021


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NCNG Officers – Time to Renew Your NGAUS Membership NCNGA 
Equal Hazardous Duty Incentive Pay for National Guard EANGUS 
EANGUS Scholarship Program EANGUS 
2021 NGAUS Awards Program – Call for Nominations! NGAUS
Apply for the $5,000 Scholarship NGAUS
National Guard supports joint water rescue exercise
Answering the Call: Experiences of North Carolina’s Military Veterans CBS17
Military volunteers build home for veteran WITN
This Week in NCNG History NCNG Museum 
April 15th — Today in Guard History National Guard 

NCNG Officers – Time to Renew Your NGAUS Membership NCNGA 

If you are an officer in the North Carolina National Guard it is time to renew your NGAUS membership. This is your opportunity to “pay it forward” by ensuring a strong voice in Washington that advocates for the men and women of the National Guard. Generations before you supported these initiatives. Now it is your turn to step up as a leader and actively engage in your own development and that of your subordinates through renewing your membership. You can renew with ease and security at . You can also become a life member at the reduced rate of $800 through our office. If you would like to take advantage of the life membership with payment options complete the life membership form and return to

Equal Hazardous Duty Incentive Pay for National Guard EANGUS 

The military has many hazardous jobs, and the men and women in these positions qualify for special incentive pay. According to DoDI 1340.09, Hazard Pay Program states, “HDIP provides a monetary incentive to servicemembers who volunteer to perform a duty designated as hazardous, based upon the inherent dangers of the duty and risks of physical injury.” Members of the military who volunteer for these precarious positions include pilots, SEALs, divers, parachutists, and more. The Navy offers special pay for being onboard submarines and working with nuclear energy plants. Jobs that qualify for hazardous duty are deemed more dangerous than others.

To compensate U.S. servicemembers assigned these high-risk duties, the Armed Forces allow for a special payment that starts at $150 per month, known as Hazardous Duty Incentive Pay.

National Guard servicemembers DO NOT receive equal pay when it comes to performing these duties. Although requirements are the same for a National Guard servicemember, they are only paid 1/30th of what their active-duty counterparts receive.

EANGUS is urging the 117th Congress to ensure National Guard servicemembers receive equal Hazardous Duty Incentive Pay (HDIP) at the same rate as their active-duty counterparts because they are required to meet the same monthly standards for performance of duty (Title 37 U.S.C § 301)


Operation VetCare was established in 2017 by EANGUS as a program designed to assist Military Service Members, Veterans, and their families who faced special issues or challenges associated with military service. This program has continued to grow over the last several years. Assistance provided through this program may vary based on the limited funds available but may assist by providing support in the form of gift cards for food, clothing, and other necessary items during a service-related crisis. Through this program, EANGUS has been able to assist hundreds of people during a time of significant need. Click button for more information on how to can support this initiative through donations or to request assistance.

Operation Vetcare

EANGUS Scholarship Program EANGUS 

Looking for money for college for yourself, your spouse, or dependent child? The EANGUS Scholarship program offers over $400,000 in full-ride and cash scholarships every year. We have partnerships with major colleges and universities who are offering FULL-TUITION academic Undergraduate, Graduate, and Doctorate degrees, to include their online degree programs. These scholarships are EXCLUSIVE to our EANGUS members, their spouses and their dependent children! Not a member? JOIN today – the deadline to apply for the EANGUS Scholarship Program is 1 May 2021. Don’t delay – Apply today!

Scholarship Information & Application

2021 NGAUS Awards Program – Call for Nominations! NGAUS

The NGAUS Awards Program recognizes outstanding National Guard men and women, as well as individuals and organizations outside of the Guard, who have made significant efforts to help advance NGAUS and its mission.

You play an important role in helping us identify and honor deserving people through our nomination process.

The NGAUS Awards Program information packet, which includes purpose and procedures, award criteria and nomination form, can be found by clicking here.

NGAUS Individual Awards

Harry S. Truman Award
Montgomery Medal
Charles Dick Medal of Merit
Patrick Henry Award
Distinguished Service Medal
Meritorious Service Award
Valley Forge Cross for Heroism
Garde Nationale Trophy
Theodore Roosevelt Leadership Award for Company Grade Officers
Eagle Rising Award for Warrant Officers

Learn More

The deadline for the receipt of nominations for NGAUS Individual Awards is May 15, 2021. Nominations should be addressed to:

NGAUS Awards Program
ATTN: Richard Arnold
One Massachusetts Avenue, NW
Washington, D.C. 20001

The NGAUS point of contact for individual awards is Rich Arnold at 202-454-5301 or

Apply for the $5,000 Scholarship NCNGA

AFBA/NGAUS Scholarship

Now accepting applications

NGAUS Active Life Members and their dependents are eligible to apply for the AFBA (Armed Forces Benefit Association)/NGAUS scholarship, awarding two applicants, each with a $5,000 scholarship.

Now accepting applications through June 1, 2021.

Apply Now

Not a NGAUS Active Life Member? Become one today.

Please feel free to contact with any questions you may have about the NGAUS and AFBA Scholarship or NGAUS Life Membership.

National Guard supports joint water rescue exercise Army.milSMYRNA, Tenn. – Members from the Tennessee National Guard, Tennessee Emergency Management Agency, Nashville Fire Department, Rutherford County’s StormPoint Emergency Response team and others participated in a joint water rescue exercise April 9.

Tennessee’s Helicopter Aquatic Rescue Team, a joint rescue crew with a Tennessee National Guard UH-60L Black Hawk helicopter and aircrew with rescue personnel from the Nashville Fire Department, practiced rescuing drowning victims in Stewarts Creek.

“It’s critical that we all train together,” said Lt. Col. Jay Jackson, the military liaison for TEMA. “Doing this with people you’ve never met would be dangerous during a real world emergency, especially in hazardous conditions. That’s not when we should be working together for the first time.”

During the training event, the Tennessee National Guard helicopter crew lowered a Nashville Fire Department diver into the lake by hoist. The diver swam to the victims, provided aid, and readied them for rescue. Strapping the victims to the rescue strop, diver hooking themselves to the rescue cable and hoisted out of the water into the hovering helicopter. The crew simulated first aid as the survivors were airlifted to the nearest hospital.

“These exercises allow us to streamline the process and strengthen the relationships between the Tennessee National Guard and our state and local partners,” said Jackson. “It is all meant to ensure that we are ready to respond to emergencies and protect our fellow citizens. Some of these maneuvers can be dangerous, especially during inclement weather, and we need to be ready.”

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Answering the Call: Experiences of North Carolina’s Military Veterans CBS17

Beginning April 6, the North Carolina Museum of History will unveil a new military exhibit, called Answering the Call, Experiences of North Carolina’s Military Veterans, 1898–1945.

Complimentary educational lectures and a commemorative service are also planned to accompany this initiative. The exhibit powerfully educates the public about early 20th century wars by recounting the story of the war through the lens of North Carolinians who bravely served.

Click here for more on Answering the Call

Answering the Call is a semi-immersive/environmental exhibit with trenches and foxholes, dioramas, and sound effects. It presents the stories of North Carolinians from all walks of life during the war and is arranged both chronologically and thematically.

Various videos and interactives are interspersed throughout the exhibit to show how the war affected North Carolinians. Often these were people plucked straight from civilian life and thrown into the war. From the WWII section, these riveting stories emerge:

• Jarvis Outland of Murfreesboro, NC, a sailor killed at Pearl Harbor;

• Col. David Hardee of Granville Co., NC, who survived the Bataan Death March;

• Col. Robert Morgan, of Asheville, NC, pilot of the B-17 “Memphis Belle;”

• Col. Vernon Haywood, a Tuskegee Airman from Raleigh;

• Col. Westray Battle Boyce of Rocky Mount, NC, director of the Women’s Army Corps;

• Robert Summerlin of Pinetops, NC, a dancer with Irving Berlin’s “This is the Army” touring troupe;

• Gizella Gross Abramson, a young Jewish girl who worked as a spy for the Polish resistance and settled in Raleigh after the war;

• Noted bluegrass banjo player Don Reno of Haywood Co., NC, who served with Merrill’s Marauders;

• Floyd McKissick of Asheville, NC, an artilleryman who became a major player in the NAACP and civil rights movement;

• Maj. Gen. William Lee of Dunn, NC, “Father of the Airborne;”

• Evelyn Whitlow of Leasburg, NC, an Army nurse who survived Japanese imprisonment;

• Maj. George Preddy of Greensboro, NC, the top P-51 ace of the war;

• And two MIAs: Pete Lynn of Kings Mountain, NC, and Benjamin Robertson of Plymouth, NC.

Units highlighted in the WWII section include the 555th Parachute Infantry Battalion – the Army’s first all-Black airborne unit, which trained at Fort Bragg; the 6888th Central Postal Directory Battalion – the only all-Black, all-female battalion overseas during WWII; the 527th Ordinance Company – a support unit recruited from among employees of the North Carolina Highways Department, USS Raleigh, and USS North Carolina.

A recreation of the trench warfare of WWI, complete with a German bunker machine gun that “fires” on visitors when they least expect it.
A diorama of a medic in the Malinta Tunnel on Corregidor.
A pack howitzer from the 82nd Airborne Museum that forms the centerpiece of a dioramic depiction of Iwo Jima.

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Military volunteers build home for veteran WITN

WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) – People across Southeastern North Carolina pitched in to help bring a veteran a new place to call home. Retired Army Sergeant Kevin Hughes and his family are receiving a new house in Wilmington.

It’s a part of the Cape Fear Habitat Veterans Build program that provides volunteer, homeownership, and employment opportunities to U.S. veterans. Right now, volunteers are working on installing the roof on the new house.

The new homeowner says he’s humbled by all the work people have put in to make this happen.

“And I had a wonderful career, met a lot of good men and women that served, and I’m grateful to every one of them. And that’s who built this house. Marines, Air Force, the Army Reserve, the National Guard, the Coast Guard all came out and put my house together. I’m gonna cry.”

Covenant Roofing and Construction provided the roof with materials donated by the Owens Corning Foundation.

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This Week in NCNG History NCNG Museum 

If you know of anything significant to the NCNG that occurred on any of these dates, and would like it added to our records, please email 1LT Dearie at

April 15th — Today in Guard History National Guard 

Washington, DC – The Adjutant General of the Army, Major General Henry Corbin notifies Major General of Volunteers Elwell Otis, commander of American forces fighting the insurgents in the Philippines, that the governors of three states, Minnesota, Nebraska and Washington have requested the return of their state volunteers from overseas service. When America declared war against Spain in April 1898, it was to remove Spanish rule from Cuba, allowing the people of that island to govern themselves. Nothing was said of the other Spanish colonies including the Philippine Islands. The Spanish were quickly defeated in the Philippines by an American army largely composed of state regiments drawn from uniformed volunteers (forerunners of the modern National Guard) from 17 states. The U.S. government then decided to annex the islands. This caused an uprising against American rule which began in February 1899. Known as the “Philippine Insurrection” it proved to be far more bloody to U.S. forces than any combat against the Spanish had been. Many soldiers in the ranks and their families at home were upset because the men had volunteered to fight for Cuban independence, not American colonization of the Philippines. During this spring, while offensive operations continued against the insurgents and American losses mounted, the men of each volunteer regiment were asked to extend their tour of service. Enough men volunteered to stay to allow for the organization of two new U.S. volunteer regiments. The state regiments began leaving the Philippines for home in May with the last units sailing in August. To get some idea of how ferocious the Insurrection was, out of all the Spanish possessions that state volunteers served in (Cuba, Puerto Rico, Guam and the Philippines) only one Guardsman, Lieutenant Colonel Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt, earned the Medal of Honor during the war against Spain. But 15 Guardsmen earned it fighting in the Philippine Insurrection.

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