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April 29th, 2021


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The 2021 National Guard Almanac & Education Guide EANGUS
Update! Tax Free Military Pension Call to Action! Contact Your North Carolina Representative and House Leadership. NCNGA 
Equal Hazardous Duty Incentive Pay for National Guard EANGUS 
EANGUS Scholarship Program EANGUS 
Apply for the $5,000 Scholarship NGAUS
Do we need a Space National Guard? Colorado says yes, but Congress is not so sure. AFTimes
Editorial: True Jointness Requires Hard Choices on Roles and Missions, Trusting Commanders AFMag
This Week in NCNG History NCNG Museum 
April 29th — Today in Guard History National Guard 

The 2021 National Guard Almanac & Education Guide EANGUS

This year’s publication includes two sections:

  • An Education Section includes information about scholarship opportunities and other resources available to National Guard members.
  • The Almanac Section highlights key National Guard leaders for each of the 54 States, Territories, and the District of Columbia as well as their State Association contact information and State benefits.

We thank Grantham University for their sponsorship of this publication. We are proud to continue our partnership with Grantham and have highlighted information in the Education Section regarding their educational programs and the two scholarships they are offering this year.

We are also extremely grateful for the continued partnership and scholarships offered to our EANGUS members, their spouse, and dependent children by Colorado Technical Institute, Grand Canyon University, and the University of Phoenix. Along with Grantham University, these institutions provide a total of eight full-tuition scholarships, which are a significant benefit to those selected as the recipients each year. We are also appreciative of the additional funding provided for scholarships at Excelsior College, and the scholarship funds provided by USAA, AFBA, and the CSM Advisory Council which can be used by the recipient at the college or university of their choice.

On behalf of the EANGUS Executive Council, I trust that you will find this information of value, and we wish the best to our members pursuing their dreams of a higher education.


Karen M. Craig
CSM, USA, Retired
EANGUS President

2021 National Guard Almanac & Education Guide

Update! Tax Free Military Pension Call to Action! Contact Your North Carolina Representative and House Leadership. NCNGA 

With the announcement of higher than expected tax collections, now is the time to act on tax exemption on military pension. There are number of bills that would do this: Senate Bill 4, Senate Bill 12, House Bill 52, House Bill 75, and House Bill 83. Those specific to military only are Senate Bill 12 and House Bill 83.

House Bill 83 represents the best opportunity for achieving military pension tax exemption. It was on a clear path to approval in the House and then crossover to the Senate. However, at the last minute it was pulled from consideration before the full House. This bill has broad bi-partisan support but appears to be stalled by interests for broader tax exemption to all Federal and State government employees.

To find you NC Representative and Senator visit and enter your address. Below is a sample letter/email for your use.

In addition to contacting you local Representative it is critical to contact,,,
Your Association is working closely with other organizations in this effort. However, it is your individual voice that will make the difference in this effort.

Sample Letter Body:

Dear Elected Official,

Did you know that 33 states fully exempt military retirement pay and North Carolina is not one of them? In addition to these 33 states several have pending legislation that impact military retirement pay.

As your constituent, I write to ask that you support House Bill 83 that will eliminate state tax on military pension.
This important measure would extend tax exemption on retirement pay for a retired member of the Armed Forces of the United States or as survivorship benefits for survivors of active duty or retired members of the Armed Forces of the United States. Currently, only those military members who have five or more years of creditable service as of August 12, 1989 have their military retirement pay exempt from state income tax. Also there is no current tax exemption on survivor benefits.

More than likely, those Servicemembers retiring from North Carolina’s military, a population of well over 120,000, and making the choice to stay in North Carolina can expect to pay state taxes on their military retirement income. This taxation impacts the most recent group of retiring Service Members who very likely served in combat at least once, if not multiple times, since 1990. Taxation of their retirement income can be a serious consideration in deciding in which state to retire.

On average, military retirees are under 50 years of age with over 20 years of work history and a desire to start a second career. This type of employee profile is exactly what is needed to fill civilian or contractor positions within North Carolina’s military and defense sector.

I strongly support this legislation and ask that you support this bill and use your influence to advance the bill during the upcoming short session.

Thank you for considering my views. I look forward to your response.

Equal Hazardous Duty Incentive Pay for National Guard EANGUS 

The military has many hazardous jobs, and the men and women in these positions qualify for special incentive pay. According to DoDI 1340.09, Hazard Pay Program states, “HDIP provides a monetary incentive to servicemembers who volunteer to perform a duty designated as hazardous, based upon the inherent dangers of the duty and risks of physical injury.” Members of the military who volunteer for these precarious positions include pilots, SEALs, divers, parachutists, and more. The Navy offers special pay for being onboard submarines and working with nuclear energy plants. Jobs that qualify for hazardous duty are deemed more dangerous than others.

To compensate U.S. servicemembers assigned these high-risk duties, the Armed Forces allow for a special payment that starts at $150 per month, known as Hazardous Duty Incentive Pay.

National Guard servicemembers DO NOT receive equal pay when it comes to performing these duties. Although requirements are the same for a National Guard servicemember, they are only paid 1/30th of what their active-duty counterparts receive.

EANGUS is urging the 117th Congress to ensure National Guard servicemembers receive equal Hazardous Duty Incentive Pay (HDIP) at the same rate as their active-duty counterparts because they are required to meet the same monthly standards for performance of duty (Title 37 U.S.C § 301)


Operation VetCare was established in 2017 by EANGUS as a program designed to assist Military Service Members, Veterans, and their families who faced special issues or challenges associated with military service. This program has continued to grow over the last several years. Assistance provided through this program may vary based on the limited funds available but may assist by providing support in the form of gift cards for food, clothing, and other necessary items during a service-related crisis. Through this program, EANGUS has been able to assist hundreds of people during a time of significant need. Click button for more information on how to can support this initiative through donations or to request assistance.

Operation Vetcare

EANGUS Scholarship Program EANGUS 

Looking for money for college for yourself, your spouse, or dependent child? The EANGUS Scholarship program offers over $400,000 in full-ride and cash scholarships every year. We have partnerships with major colleges and universities who are offering FULL-TUITION academic Undergraduate, Graduate, and Doctorate degrees, to include their online degree programs. These scholarships are EXCLUSIVE to our EANGUS members, their spouses and their dependent children! Not a member? JOIN today – the deadline to apply for the EANGUS Scholarship Program is 1 May 2021. Don’t delay – Apply today!

Scholarship Information & Application

Apply for the $5,000 Scholarship NCNGA

AFBA/NGAUS Scholarship

Now accepting applications

NGAUS Active Life Members and their dependents are eligible to apply for the AFBA (Armed Forces Benefit Association)/NGAUS scholarship, awarding two applicants, each with a $5,000 scholarship.

Now accepting applications through June 1, 2021.

Apply Now

Not a NGAUS Active Life Member? Become one today.

Please feel free to contact with any questions you may have about the NGAUS and AFBA Scholarship or NGAUS Life Membership.

Do we need a Space National Guard? Colorado says yes, but Congress is not so sure. AFTimes

The Colorado House of Representatives unanimously passed a bill Friday that lays the legal framework for the state to establish the Colorado Space National Guard. But before any Coloradans head to the recruiting station, they should know there’s a catch — the U.S. Congress has to authorize a Space National Guard first.

The new state legislation will allow “[Colorado’s] Air National Guard space units to transition to the Space National Guard once the federal government establishes the Space National Guard,” according to its summary. The bill also updates all state laws referencing the branches of the armed forces — such as employment protection laws — to include the active-duty Space Force as well.

Colorado is a longtime hub of military space operations, including the temporary home of U.S. Space Command at Peterson Air Force Base. The state also hosts space-focused troops at Schriever Air Force Base, Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Station, Buckley Air Force Base, and the Army’s Space and Missile Defense Command.

The bill, which is currently under consideration in the state Senate, is written so that the Space National Guard portions only take effect “if the federal government creates the Space National Guard in the ‘FY 2022 National Defense Authorization Act.’”

Read more…

Editorial: True Jointness Requires Hard Choices on Roles and Missions, Trusting Commanders AFMag

The most important characteristics of those we entrust with our nation’s most lethal weapons are trust and candor. Our military leaders must be willing to speak truth to power and to share their best military advice whether or not it is popular.

Air Force Gen. Timothy M. Ray, commander of Air Force Global Strike Command and the Air Force component commander at U.S. Strategic Command, made waves earlier this month when he called out the Army’s drive to develop hypersonic land-based missiles as a wasteful, misguided investment.

“I completely struggle with the reality check that’s required here,” he said. “I kind of get it in Europe, I kind of get it in CENTCOM. But, I completely don’t get it in the Pacific. I mean, I genuinely struggle with the credibility of that entire [Army] plan. … Why in the world would we entertain a brutally expensive idea when we don’t, as a Department [of Defense], have the money to go do that?”

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This Week in NCNG History NCNG Museum 

If you know of anything significant to the NCNG that occurred on any of these dates, and would like it added to our records, please email 1LT Dearie at

April 29th — Today in Guard History National Guard 

Dachau, Germany – Elements of the 45th Infantry Division (AZ, CO, NM, OK) liberate portions of this infamous Nazi concentration camp. When the soldiers first arrive at the main camp, they find a train sitting on a side track. Upon inspection it was discovered that more than 1,000 people had starved to death locked in its freight cars. Thousands of other bodies of the dead and those dying from disease and starvation were found in the compound. Combat hardened veterans were sickened by the dead and dying they found at Dachau. While most people think of “Dachau” as one town, it was in fact a hub around which 24 smaller slave labor work camps were located. Several of these were liberated in the next couple of days by elements of other National Guard units such as the 44th Infantry Division (NJ, NY).

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